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Tuesday AM Recap 4/22/14: Advisory Vote & Prosecutor Letter

In afternoon session yesterday I moved to defer for a year Councilmembers and Allen and Salvatori’s advisory votes on whether councilmembers should be part time jobs or increased to full time. Their intention was to put it on the November ballot. I moved to defer because the November ballot is an important one. It will likely have ballot measures regarding both parks and streets. Adding two advisory votes is an unneccessary distraction from what the citizens need us to focus on right now. I don’t need an advisory vote to tell me how many hours to put in on this job. If other Councilmembers are looking to be validated for only working part time hours they will need to find that validation somewhere other than the November ballot. I will continue to work hard to represent the citizens of Spokane as best I can. My motion to defer passed 4-3 with Councilmembers Waldref, Mumm, and Council President Stuckart all voting in favor. Read the rest of this entry »

Councilman Snyder interviewed by Smart Growth for America

Smart Growth for America just posted an interview they did with Councilman Snyder last week regarding complete streets in Spokane. Here’s a snippet:

During his first term on the Spokane, WA City Council, Councilman Jon Snyder, a member of Smart Growth America’s Local Leaders Council, experienced a lesson that he has carried with him since. “As a leader, you need to understand the difference between a policy that may take several years to develop, and those that represent a flaw in the system that should be called out and remedied quickly.”

Councilman Snyder worked for two years to pass a Complete Streets ordinance (PDF) in Spokane, a process that took time, perseverance and creativity. Snyder credits a broad coalition of support to the ordinance’s eventual passage in 2011: During the meeting where the City Council approved the ordinance, a diverse group of community members, including representatives from schools, older adults, persons with disabilities, the local farmers’ market, and businesses all spoke in favor of policy adoption.

Snyder realized that Complete Streets, which are prioritized in Spokane’s comprehensive plan, “weren’t a priority in how we fund projects in our transportation system. So, I thought, ‘If it’s all about funding, I’ll find some funding.’” Snyder found a dedicated funding source in the city’s Photo Red program, which monitors and fines drivers who run red lights.

To read the whole thing, click here.

Tuesday AM recap 4/1/14: Veto and Town Hall Meeting

Yesterday the Mayor vetoed a Council action for the first time. The reason he gave for reversing our action to close a loophole regarding illegal Urban Growth Area (UGA) expansion was that there wasn’t enough “process” prior to voting. Sometime people cry “process” when they’ve lost the intellectual argument. Such was the case yesterday. You can see my testimony above to hear my reasons why I brought the measure forward. You can also look at media coverage here, here, andhere and read my previous post here for background. Read the rest of this entry »

Greenstone and City of Spokane honored by Futurewise


In Seattle the other day, Futurewise held one of their annual events where they honor recipients with the “Livable Community Award.” This award is given to local governments, organizations and individuals who are using innovative policies that protect our precious natural resources and help to foster healthy communities through transit and pedestrian oriented development.

At this years event, Greenstone and the City of Spokane were selected to be recipients of the award due to the work that was done on Mile 24 of the Kendall Yards Gap (the new part of the Centennial Trail that extends from the Monroe Street Bridge to the Sandiflur Bridge). If you have not been over to that section of the Centennial Trail, I really encourage you to go out on a nice sunny day and soak in the gorgeous views and see all the great development that is happening in Kendall Yards. Greenstone has been an invaluable partner with the City in pushing us to do infill development better, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds.

Want to watch a great soccer game on your lunch break?


If you are a soccer fan and are looking place to watch the USMNT friendly versus Ukraine soccer match, come on down to the Flying Pig (1822 E. Sprague) tomorrow at 11am. USA and Ukraine fans welcome. Our heart goes to the people of Ukraine and the ongoing political unrest. Ukraine has an excellent team and this should be a great game–even if it has to be played in Cyprus.

Tuesday AM Recap 3/4/14: Photo Red and C.O.P.S. funding

Our big discussion last night was how to use proceeds from the Photo Red intersection enforcement program. The past five years this program has been successful on two levels; it has increased safety at certain high-volume intersections and it has funded neighborhood supported traffic-calming projects that would never have happened otherwise. Last year Council came to a compromise that allowed some of the Photo Red money to be used for graffiti abatement, C.O.P.S. Shop funding, and an additional traffic safety police officer. Last night we were to make a text change to the Photo Red ordinance that would have expanded the use of Photo Red money to cover those new expenditures and anything else the Council approved. Read the rest of this entry »

Upcoming events Friday 2/21 through Friday 2/28


If there is a restaurant in Spokane that you have not been too but would like to try, these next few days are a good time to do that. From February 21 to March 2, we will be having what is called restaurant week. Here is how it works: Participating restaurants offer a flat fee of either $18 or $28 for a full three course meal. This year, restuarant week boasts 74 different restaurants participating. For more information on which restaurants those are and what they will be serving, go here.

Monday February 24 at 9:30am – Marijuana Policy Subcommittee – City Hall (808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd.) in the Council Briefing Center.
Monday February 24 at 11am – Planning, Community & Economic Development Committee – City Hall in the Council Briefing Center.
Monday February 24 at 1:30pm – Pubic Works Committee – City Hall in the Council Briefing Center.
Monday February 24 at 6pm – City Council Legislative Session – City Hall in the Council Chambers.
Tuesday February 25 at 5:30pm – Human Rights Commission – City Hall in the Council Briefing Center.
Wednesday February 26 at 5:30pm – Joint Community Assembly/City Council meeting – West Central Community Center, 1603 N. Belt.
Thursday Febraury 27 at 3:30pm – City Council Study Session – City Hall in the Council Briefing Center

Breaking: Feds release guidance on banks providing services to marijuana businesses

Today is a big day for the legal marijuana market. The feds released a memo giving guidance to financial institutions on providing services marijuana businesses. Concurrently with this guidance, Attorney General James Cole released a Memorandum to all US Attorneys directing them to consider the Treasury Dept. guidelines in their decisions to prosecute for marijuana related financial crimes, meaning banks have more leeway now so long as the businesses operate under applicable state laws.

Perhaps the most important part of the memo is the guidance they provide on doing do due diligence on the customers, which would include:


  1. Verifying state license And registration status.
  2. Reviewing state application.
  3. Requesting additional information on businesses from state licensing and enforcement authorities.
  4. Developing and understanding business norms for the marijuana market in relation to banking.
  5. Monitor public sources for information on the business.
  6. Monitor suspicious activity.
  7. Refresh information on client as needed.

Tuesday AM Recap 2/10/14: Police TA & Independent OPO Investigations

With last night’s action to approve a new ordinance for the Office of Police Ombudsman (OPO) and new Tentative Agreement (TA) for a new Police Guild contract the City took a big step forward in strong civilian oversight of our Police department. Is it a perfect policy? No. Does it need to continue to evolve? Absolutely. But Spokane now has arguably the best civilian police oversight in the northwest, with better independent investigation power than Seattle and better independent governance than Boise. Read the rest of this entry »

Police Continue Investigation into Fatality Collision

collision map

On Sunday February 9, 2014 at approximately 8:45pm an auto/pedestrian hit and run was called in to the Spokane Police Department at the intersection of Mission and Riverton Ave.The pedestrian was deceased on arrival. Witnesses indicate that a gold or tan SUV hit the man as he was crossing and did not stop after the car hit the pedestrian. If you have any information, the Spokane Police Department is asking that you call Crime Check at 456-2233.