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Change of plans for plowing in Browne’s Addition

With the weather warming up like it has and much of the snow melting off the roadways, there’s been a change of plans for plowing in Browne’s Addition. The City will now only be plowing center streets in the neighborhood to remove as much snow and ice as possible before we start seeing temperatures drop again. This means cars do not need to move as requested earlier by the City.

Browne’s Addition plowing starting Thursday Jan. 10

The City of Spokane is set to plow streets in the Browne’s Addition Neighborhood starting on Thursday Jan. 10, going into Friday Jan. 11. Plowing will start each day at 8:30AM. This means cars must be moved from North-South streets in Browne’s Addition on Thursday and East-West streets in Browne’s Addition on Friday.

Any vehicles that parked in those areas on the day plowing takes place will be towed. If your vehicle ends up getting towed, you can call 625-4100 to get information on where it is and how to pick it up.

This year the City has started a new pilot project that will allow citizens to get text messages about parking restrictions. If you would like to get tex alerts about this sent to your phone, simply text the number 509-385-5775 and put the word “Brownes” in the message area. This is a great tool for people utilize if they want information sent directly to them. More information about plowing in the Browne’s Addition Neighborhood can be found here.

Spokane Transit Authority sees record number of riders

This year the Spokane Transit Authority set a record. They just announced that they reached record ridership levels in 2012, with over 11 million people riding the bus over the year. This equates to about 40,000 trips a day; more than any other year on record.

Not only are the buses seeing more use, but the people of Spokane are using STA’s vanpool option more, as participation increased 8% in 2012. Also, the Paratransit shared van pools for the disabled maintained 2006 levels with no reduction in areas served.

What does this all add up to? It means the STA delivers 20% more service for every tax payer dollar than any other urban system in the State of Washington. It also means that the STA is second only to King County Metro in the number of passengers carried per hour and has the most efficient Paratransit system in the entire State.

Upcoming Events: October 15th through 21st

Image courtesy of Futurewise Spokane

Pedestrian Zine Launch!

Futurewise presents The Pedestrian Zine, the second in a series of Complete Streets Zines. They are celebrating with a launch party on Wednesday, October 19th at Pacific Pizza in Browne’s Addition. Doors open at 5pm. They have lots of great door prizes including a Scoop gift certificate, Sun People Dried Goods tote bag, Jewelry Design Center designer bangle, two tickets to Interplayers, 4 race entries for Spokane Rocket Velo’s road race series (2012), garden tools and accessories from Garden Grove, Rings and Things necklace and much more! This zine is a great way to learn about what Complete Streets really means and hear from real Spokanites who commute daily using alternate and multiple modes of transportation.

On top of all of that Pacific Ave Pizza will be serving up their delicious pizza!

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Upcoming Events: September 11th through 18th

Image courtesy of SpokeFest Association

SpokeFest 2011!

Come down to the north side of River Park Square on Spokane Falls Blvd between Post and Steven’s St. for the 4th Annual SpokeFest. The event goes from 8am to 2pm with four wonderful bike loops, vendors, a safety rodeo, and live music! SpokeFest’s mission is to promote bicycling for health and transportation. Check out this years wonderful bike loops: Read the rest of this entry »

Interview on KYRS about Transportation For Washington

Check out my interview on KYRS -Thin Air Community Radio by news reporter Jamez Ziegler about Transportation for Washington, a statewide, multi-year campaign led by the smart growth organizations Futurewise and Transportation Choices Coalition and more than 65 other groups, businesses, and public officials to set a new vision for transportation.

The group has three core principles to reform state transportation policy and funding which include prioritize fixing broken infrastructure to save lives; expand transit choices; and build great, healthy communities.

It’s the first story in the newscast. The audio file is available via KYRS by clicking HERE. The podcast should be up until Aug. 14th but it can also be downloaded by right clicking the link and selecting “save link as.”

Want to help reduce bicyclist and pedestrian collisions in Spokane?

On average, 20 pedestrians and bicyclists are hit in Spokane County every month. Of the 997 pedestrian and bicyclist collisions occurring between 2006 and 2009, 3 percent resulted in death, while 11 percent resulted in serious injury. Now, The Spokane Regional Health District is launching an educational campaign called Stickman Knows. The goal is to reduce the number of crashes, injuries and fatalities by educating pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists alike about safe practices on Spokane area roadways. Check out the site at

“Safer transportation is about more than just infrastructure. If our residents aren’t accountable for understanding the laws—or choose not to pay attention to them—it makes it that much more difficult for us to improve the overall biking and walking experience in Spokane,” said sergeant Eric Olsen, with the Spokane Police Department and Spokane County Target Zero Task Force. “Stickman Knows addresses so many of the reasons police see these collisions occur, that’s why we’re optimistic it will achieve its goals in reducing collisions.”

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City seeking applicants for Transportation Benefit District Board by June 27th

Are you interested in helping maintain the City’s streets and sidewalks? The City of Spokane’s Transportation Benefit District (TBD) Board is seeking applicants for a citizen advisory board to help determine priorities for TBD funding. The Transportation Benefit District is an independent taxing district created in October 2010 to help the City better maintain its street system and pedestrian infrastructure. The Spokane City Council serves as the TBD governing board separately from their Council duties.

Image courtesy of SRTC.

Money raised through a $20 vehicle registration fee will be collected starting in September. These funds will pay for street maintenance and pedestrian improvements outlined in the City’s Six-Year Pavement Maintenance Program. (Ten percent of the revenue generated will implement the pedestrian program of the City’s Comprehensive Street Program.) The fee will raise about $2.6 million annually. Check out the new TBD website here.

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Upcoming Neighborhood Planning Open Houses

If you have the opportunity, please check out these two events:

Five Mile Prairie Neighborhood Planning Open House
Wednesday, May 25, 2011 from 7:00 – 8:30p.m., short presentation at 7:30p.m.
Prairie View Elementary, 2606 W. Johannsen Road

The Five Mile Prairie Neighborhood Council will be presenting the City portion of the Draft Pedestrian and Bicycle Plans. The complete drafts are available at: The Five Mile Pathways project for the entire prairie (City and County) will also be on display.

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Upcoming Events: May 16th-23rd

Bike to Work Week begins on Monday at 7am with the Kickoff Breakfast in Riverfront Park. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow bike commuters, chat with UnitedHealthcare pro cyclist Morgan Schmitt and enjoy Roasthouse Coffee and pancakes from Mountain Gear. If you haven’t already, please register at; if you’re already registered update your log-in with a RSVP. Spokane Bikes co-chair Barb Chamberlain put it best: “It’s really important that you register! We want to have good data showing the importance of biking as part of our transportation system and we need you to stand up and be counted.” Hope to see you there! (Also: Check Spokane bikes full list of bike-related news and events this month.)

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