Slide Show Of Jon Snyder

Surveying the Damage – Pictures from the South Hill After the Windstorm

As we continue to assess the damage of the wind storm and clean up, Councilman Snyder has been out and about on the South Hill helping clear debris and cataloguing downed trees, power poles and powerlines.

jon helping

downed tree 9

downed tree 8

downed tree 7

downed tree 6

downed tree 5

downed tree 4

downed tree 3

downed tree 2

downed tree 1

downed power pole

Tuesday AM Recap 6/10/14: Town Hall Forum

Last night, the council meeting took place at the West Central Community Center in a town hall format. This means we had no legislative agenda for the evening, so we can accomodate presentations from the neighborhoods in the area on issues effecting them. As always, I would like to thank the folks over at the West Central Community Center for opening up their space to have the town hall. With respect to the forum, there were a few items and issues that stood out to me. Read the rest of this entry »

Upcoming events Friday 2/7 through Friday 2/14

lh vet

If you are looking for a potential way to help a fellow dog lover this weekend you can so by going to the Lincoln Heights Veterinary Clinic (2829 E. 27th Ave) with your healthy canine this Saturday starting at 1pm and going until 5pm to ahve them screened for the possibility of being an emergency blood donor. Dogs must be between 1 and 6 years old and weigh more than 60 lbs. to qualify. Inland Northwest Blood Center will also be on site so pet parents can donate too. For more information call 535-3551.

Monday, February 10 at 11am – Public Safety Committee – Council Briefing Center in the lower level of City Hall, 808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd.
Monday, February 10 at 1:30pm – Public Works Committtee – Council Briefing Center in the lower level of City Hall.
Monday, February 10 at 6pm – City Council Legislative Session – Council Chambers in the lower level of City Hall.
Wenesday, February 12 at 3pm – Finance Committee – 5th Floor Conference Room in City Hall.
Wednesday, February 12 at 7pm – Peaceful Valley Neighborhood Council – Peaceful Valley Community Center, 214 N Cedar.
Wednesday, Febraury 12 at 7pm – Southgate Neighborhood Council – ESD 101, Conference Center, 4202 S. Regal St.
Thursday, February 13 at 3:30pm – City Council Study Session – Council Briefing Center in the lower level of City Hall.
Thursday, February 13 at 7pm – Latah/Hangman Neighborhood Council – Trading Company Store, 2nd Floor Breakroom, 4235 S. Cheney/Spokane Rd.

Upcoming events October 19 through October 25

On Monday October 21 from 6pm to 7pm at the Corbin Senior Activity Center (827 W. Cleveland), Building Stronger Neighborhoods Committee is putting on a Hot Topic Training to help educate Neighborhood Councils regarding non-profit status. Learn the ins and outs of having non-profit status for your neighborhood. Two tax and business lawyers will give information and answer questions.

Monday October 21 9am – City Council Study Session – Council Briefing Center in the Lower Level of City Hall, 808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd.
Monday October 21 11am – Planning, Community and Economic Development Committee – Council Briefing Center in the Lower Level of City Hall.
Monday October 21 1:30pm – Public Safety Committee – Council Briefing Center in the Lower Level of City Hall.
Monday October 21 6pm – City Council Legislative Session – City Council Chambers in the Lower Level of City Hall.
Tuesday October 22 5:30pm – Human Rights Commission – Southside Senior Center, 3151 E 27th Ave.
Tuesday October 22 7pm – Manito/Cannon Hill Neighborhood Committee Meeting – Wilson Elementary, Gym, 911 W. 25th Ave.
Wednesday October 23 2pm – Plan Commission – Council Briefing Center in the Lower Level of City Hall.

Gazebo Renovation in Browne’s Addition brings the community together


Yesterday, people from all over Browne’s Addition came out to celebrate the the re-dedication of the Gazebo in Coeur d’Alene Park and I had the honor of reading the Mayoral proclamation last night before the Angela Marie Project took stage to continue the good times. I would to thank the Browne’s Addition Neighborhood Council for their hard work and for inviting me to be a part of this event.

Members of the Browne’s Addition Neighborhood Council had been working on this project for several years now in conjunction with Spokane Parks Foundation and the City of Spokane Parks Department to get all the funding they needed to make improvements to the structure; which had seen wear and tear over the years due to the materials that were initially used to construct it. The Gazebo is a replica of the bandstand that was once in that same location in 1908.

For some more information on the event click here. For some historical information about Coeur d’Alene Park, click here.

Spokane comes together for another successful Night Out Against Crime

Kris and friends at Liberty Park Childhood Development Center.

Kris and friends at Liberty Park Childhood Development Center.

Yesterday evening, residents in the many different neighborhoods of Spokane came together for the annual Night Out Against Crime. I went to all 12 parties in my district yesterday. What really makes me proud is that the South side of town had 12 great neighborhood events that brought folks together to meet each other and our local public safety personnel. I would like to thank everyone who helped set these events up and participated. If you have not been to any, check one out in your area next year. More photos of the these great events down below. Read the rest of this entry »

Tuesday AM Recap 6/4/13: Reducing Fees For Sole Proprietors

Last year there was a change in practice by City administration where owners of our City’s smallest businesses, sole proprietors and their spouses, were charged a per employee fee for the first time, in addition to their regular business registration fee. While this amount was not large, just $10 per employee, the message it sent was wrong. Sole proprietorships are generally some of the smallest businesses in our City. Why should we be asking them to shoulder more of the burden for fees rather than larger businesses? That’s why Councilmember Waldref and I brought forward a change to remove this fee as a part of a larger package of housecleaning changes to business registration that the whole Council has been working on last night. The item was budget neutral since the Council has already passed authority to raise business license fees to match the inflation such that we don’t have huge jumps in fees every five years or so. This passed unanimously.

All other actions also passed unanimously last night: setting a hearing on street vacation of McClellan, transferring three vans to the East Central Community Center, confirming Kyle Twohig as Engineering Operations Manager, approving to City legal settlements, approving two surplus property actions, approving a contract for a police training simulator, finalizing the changes to the adult bookstore ordinance.

Also last night the administration removed an action to complete the Downtown Bicycle Network by putting additional bike lanes on Main. This item was funded and went through a community approval process so I am puzzled as to why it was stopped.

Next week we will have a Town Hall meeting at the West Central Community Center.

Change of plans for plowing in Browne’s Addition

With the weather warming up like it has and much of the snow melting off the roadways, there’s been a change of plans for plowing in Browne’s Addition. The City will now only be plowing center streets in the neighborhood to remove as much snow and ice as possible before we start seeing temperatures drop again. This means cars do not need to move as requested earlier by the City.

Browne’s Addition plowing starting Thursday Jan. 10

The City of Spokane is set to plow streets in the Browne’s Addition Neighborhood starting on Thursday Jan. 10, going into Friday Jan. 11. Plowing will start each day at 8:30AM. This means cars must be moved from North-South streets in Browne’s Addition on Thursday and East-West streets in Browne’s Addition on Friday.

Any vehicles that parked in those areas on the day plowing takes place will be towed. If your vehicle ends up getting towed, you can call 625-4100 to get information on where it is and how to pick it up.

This year the City has started a new pilot project that will allow citizens to get text messages about parking restrictions. If you would like to get tex alerts about this sent to your phone, simply text the number 509-385-5775 and put the word “Brownes” in the message area. This is a great tool for people utilize if they want information sent directly to them. More information about plowing in the Browne’s Addition Neighborhood can be found here.

Photo Red Dollars and Neighborhood Standing

At the upcoming City Council meeting on Monday July 16th, two important issues will be voted on which are of great importance to our neighborhoods.

The First is a resolution that would allow neighborhoods to use some of their photo red traffic calming dollars to start a COPS shop in the neighborhood. See the resolution here.

The next is an ordinance which would grant neighborhood councils the right to participate in any hearing or appeal before the city hearing examiner or any other administrative or court proceeding regarding an application, project, permit or any
other proceeding affecting the neighborhood council. See the ordinance here.

If you have an opinion on either of these issues, join us at the Council meeting at 6pm on Monday.