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Lilac Services for the Blind

We wanted to write a card to a blind gentleman in Spokane this week and wished we could send it in Braille to ensure that he gets our message. Luckily, in Spokane we have a wonderful organization called Lilac Services for the Blind which could help us with this.

Father Palmer Memorial Braille Service is a division of Lilac Services For The Blind. Staffed by volunteers, its purpose is to transcribe materials into Braille at no charge. We provide this service not just for the Inland Northwest but for all blind and visually impaired who have a need. We annually print an overage of 15,000 pages; with over a million pages in the past 25 years.

History of Braille Services in Spokane

The transcribing of print into Braille in the Spokane area began due to the interest of the Rector of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Spokane, Father John Palmer. He had a special concern for the blind, and in the late 1930’s he became a Certified Braille Transcriber. He taught sighted people to transcribe print into Braille, and at the time of his death in 1953, he had fourteen registered transcribers and twelve students. Two years later, in 1955, Florence Brockmier formed the Father Palmer Memorial Braille Service. The organization was incorporated in 1961, and in 1994 became a division of the Lilac Services For The Blind.

They also teach the Library of Congress Literary Braille Transcribing course for those interested in learning to read and write Braille. If you have a request, question or if you would like to become a volunteer, please call:
(509) 325-1442

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