Tuesday AM Recap 6/4/13: Reducing Fees For Sole Proprietors

Last year there was a change in practice by City administration where owners of our City’s smallest businesses, sole proprietors and their spouses, were charged a per employee fee for the first time, in addition to their regular business registration fee. While this amount was not large, just $10 per employee, the message it sent was wrong. Sole proprietorships are generally some of the smallest businesses in our City. Why should we be asking them to shoulder more of the burden for fees rather than larger businesses? That’s why Councilmember Waldref and I brought forward a change to remove this fee as a part of a larger package of housecleaning changes to business registration that the whole Council has been working on last night. The item was budget neutral since the Council has already passed authority to raise business license fees to match the inflation such that we don’t have huge jumps in fees every five years or so. This passed unanimously.

All other actions also passed unanimously last night: setting a hearing on street vacation of McClellan, transferring three vans to the East Central Community Center, confirming Kyle Twohig as Engineering Operations Manager, approving to City legal settlements, approving two surplus property actions, approving a contract for a police training simulator, finalizing the changes to the adult bookstore ordinance.

Also last night the administration removed an action to complete the Downtown Bicycle Network by putting additional bike lanes on Main. This item was funded and went through a community approval process so I am puzzled as to why it was stopped.

Next week we will have a Town Hall meeting at the West Central Community Center.

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