Tuesday AM Recap 6/25/13: Supporting Local Boilermakers

Last year it was brought to the attention of Council President Stuckart that firms employing local boilermakers were not being allowed to bid on work at the Waste to Energy facility on the West Plains. Last night the Council approved a contract for new work on the Waste to Energy after getting an agreement from the facility operator, Wheelabrator, to accept bids from two additional companies that employ local boilermakers. Thanks to the 30+ members of Boilermakers Local 242 who came down to support this action. Local workers should never be excluded from any work that this City has a hand in. Thanks to Council President for working on this issue.

The above action passed unanimously, as did an action to enter into a contract and a trial period for new parking meters downtown. For years citizens have requested more payment options on downtown meters and now we will finally be rolling out new single-head meters that will accept credit cards, and also smart phone payments. These meters will also provide data to help us manage parking more efficiently and make sure parking is in the right place, with right time-limits, to make the parking experience downtown better for both businesses and customers. Last week we passed a companion action that allocated some parking proceeds re-investment downtown. At my urging this allocation includes paying for two police officers downtown next year, to add to the total number of officers we have on the streets citywide. It is a small, but good step towards getting us to increase staffing for police.

Other unanimous actions included changing the code related to boilers to sync with state law, approving two Local Improvement District paving projects, and approving the new 6-Year Street Plan for the City. The only item that wasn’t unanimous was a change in our building code to sync up with state law. This was opposed by Councilmember McLaughlin.

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