Tuesday Am Recap 6/2/14: PCBs and Drive-Through Moratorium Hearing

It’s not every night that all items pass 7-0 unanimously, but it happens more often than people think. The item that garnered the most testimony last night was a change to City purchasing policy to stop buying paint and products that contain PCBs. PCBs are a dangerous chemical with carcinogenic properties that gets into our watershed and fish. Once the chemical gets into tissue, such as fish, or humas when they eat fish, it never leaves and keeps accumulating over a lifetime. This makes it especially hard to get rid of. PCBs are found in many items with yellow coloring. The City will now work to ensure we don’t purchase products that include PCBs. This is another way to protect the Spokane river.

Other items that passed unanimously included paying off an old street bond early that will save us $1.5 million dollars that will be used to hire police officers. We also passed several mid-year budget transfers for the parks department, change City Council budget procedures, passed two resolutions supporting transportation grants, passed an indemnification for Human Resources Director Heather Lowe, set two hearings for street vacations, and approved a small franchise agreement for non-cable internet services provided by Time Warner Telecom.

We finished the hearing with a meeting regarding the Council’s 6-month moratorium on new drive-through businesses on Hamilton. We heard testimony from the Logan neighborhood about how substandard drive-through development had negatively impacted work by the neighborhood and Gonzaga University to improve the pedestrian environment along Hamilton.


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