Tuesday AM Recap: Transportation Benefit District & Unit Lot Subdivision

At yesterday’ council meeting, the council voted 4-1, with Councilman Fagan voting against, in support of a resolution I asked for which would dissolve the Transportation Benefit District if the administration does not present a Pedestrian Master Plan within the next two years. Past efforts to bring forward such a plan have resulted in unfinished work, and no final product. My hope is that this will provide an incentive for the finalizing of a Pedestrian Master Plan. Our Comprehensive Plan, which is the guiding document for planning in the City of Spokane, calls for pedestrian planning to be a priority for the city. It is my belief that we have not done enough to reach this goal.

The other major agenda item for the night was an update to our unit lot subdivision standards to provide a new form of ownership with cottage housing projects, townhouses and other similar developments. We are beginning to see an increase in cottage and townhouse developments in this city, especially in Kendall Yards, and the benefits they can provide. The changes are in line with the goals of our comprehensive plan, which calls for efficient land use and a diversity of housing types to meet the needs of our city. The item was passed unanimously. Other items that came before council last night included an ordinance to update our municipal code to allow high density polyethylene pipe for water service and changing the allowable location of a water meter box and the approval a local improvement district for street improvements on 12th Avenue from Spruce to Inland Empire Way. Both of these items passed unanimously.

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