The STA Plaza’ importance to our city, and why its future is not “dim”

sta plaza

Recently, there has been a lot of commentary on the Spokane Transit Authority Plaza, in part due to the Boards’ decision to delay the renovations of the plaza at the behest of Downtown Spokane Partnership and Greater Spokane Incorporated, but there are two pieces worth reading if you haven’t already had a look at them.

First up, Heather Svandize wrote a great editorial column in the Spokesman-Review on why the transit renovations are key to a vibrant city. Second, after the article in the Spokesman on Monday by Dave Wasson quoted Chuck Hafner as saying the “only resolution to it will be to move the plaza,” Board Chair of the STA Councilwoman Amber Waldref set out to set the record straight that there are no plans to move the plaza. Read her email to STA Board members in the Inlander article here.

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