Spokane Journal of Business endorses STA Proposition No. 1


Yesterday, the Spokane Journal of Business said “Yes to Buses” and endorsed Proposition 1: the ballot initiative that will fund Spokane Transit Authority’s Moving Forward pPlan by increasing the sales tax by three tenths of one percent. An excerpt is below, but you can read the whole thing here.

… However, we believe the long-term benefits that would emanate from this sizable financial investment outweigh the measure‚Äôs flaws, and we encourage voters to support it…..

STA says the added funding would enable it to provide an estimated 25 percent increase in bus service, which it expects will accommodate a 30 percent increase in ridership to more than 15 million rides a year by 2025. As part of a long-range plan, the transit authority says it would implement more than 25 improvements across the region to meet a growing demand for transit services.

To learn more about STA’s Moving Forward Plan and Proposition No. 1, click here.


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