Tuesday AM Council Recap 6/23/15: Parking Funds

Council had two items to vote on at last nights meeting. The first was a sole source contract with Huber Escamax to purchase, and have installed, replacement parts used to provide preliminary treatment screening of wastewater at Riverside Park Water Reclamation Facility. The contract was approved unanimously. The second item was a resolution approving projects recommended by the Parking Advisory Committee. The projects are paid for by parking revenue from downtown, and are selected by the committee to improve parking and enhance the urban experience in Downtown Spokane. The list of projects includes up to $60,000 for landscaping lighting and other aesthetic improvements on Main Ave between Browne and Division, up to $32,000 for street tree maintenance and illumination on Main Ave from Howard to Stevens, and $5,000 for off-the-shelf-bike racks in downtown. The resolution was passed by counil 6-1 (with Councilmember Fagan voting against).

An ordinance relating to the use of automated traffic safety cameras for school speed zones was deferred for a week to sync up our municipal code with recently changed language at the state level on the fee charge for an infraction. The Hearing for a street vacation on Madison Ave between 2nd and 3rd Ave was withdrawn at the request of the applicant, Larry H. Miller.

Council recap

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