Council Meeting AM Recap 6/29/15: School Zone Speed Cameras

All but one item passed unanimously last night. There were three EBOs (Emergency Budget Ordinances): one for marketing for the golf fund, one to acquire land in the Hillyard industrial area, and one for a study on a route for an improved South Hill trail. You can read more about the trail project in this recent Spokesman Review piece.

We also approved a resolution by citizen request for segregating to lots involved in a LID (Local Improvement District). All these items passed unanimously.

We were set to vote on a new indecent exposure ordinance but a completely re-written ordinance was given to Council by Councilmember Fagan just a few hours before the meeting. It’s not clear whether or not this new version actually creates new restrictions on nudity relating to drive-through coffee shops OR if it actually loosens restrictions to allow this activity in more places. I joined Councilmembers Waldref, Stratton, and Mumm in voting for a deferral for two weeks to analyze the new language.

The only item that wasn’t unanimous was a change in the code to allow new school zone speeding cameras to increase safety at local elementary schools. The Council has been working with staff and Spokane Public Schools on this project for two years. Previous votes on these cameras have been unanimous, but last night Councilmember Fagan changed his and and was the lone vote against school zone cameras. Two of the three schools for the pilot project are in his district (Stevens and Longfellow) and the third is in District 3 (Finch). A child from Stevens Elementary was hit by a car on the way to school last year, which was one of the reasons I worked to add this location to the pilot project.

Council recap

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