Tuesday AM Council Recap 8/11/15: Centennial Trail Mission Gap Funding and Water Education Coordinator

Last nights council meeting had a packed agenda. The Council voted 6-1 (Councilmember Fagan against) for an Emergency Budget Ordinance to fill the position of Education Coordinator for the Water Department. This position will inform water customers about ways they can conserve water. We also voted 6-1 (Councilmember Fagan against) for an ordinance that makes wage theft a gross misdemeanor and gives the city the ability to revoke or refuse to issue business licenses for businesses found guilty of wage theft. I was happy to support both of these ordinances, as they address critical issues facing our community and the city right now.

I brought forward a resolution that allows the City to use excess photo red funds to bond out for $1 million and find matching funds for the completion of the Mission Street Gap Bridge. If the City cannot find matching funds for the project, then the money goes back in to the Traffic Calming fund. This project has been in the works for several years due to the vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian safety issues that arise with the Centennial Trail at street level near Witter Pool and the Avista Campus. The resolution received letters of support from the Friends of the Centennial Trail and Spokane Bicycle Club, as well as a near unanimous vote from the Community Assembly. It was passed by Council on a 5-2 vote (with Councilmembers Allen and Fagan voting against).

Several items passed unanimously. These items included a resolution establishing an economic development strategy for the city, a resolution acknowledging the completion of Northeast Public Development Authority development strategy and brownfield business plan, Hillyard Infrastructure Assessment and Needs Analysis and the YARD Heavy Freight User Analysis, a resolution approving the settlement of a claim, a resolution relating to the Airport Board’s acquisition of 10.39 acres of unimproved land for long-term aviation development and approach protection, and an ordinance that amended the Spokane Municipal Code language on infraction penalty amounts to reflect changes made at the state level.

The Council deferred an ordinance relating to labor standards and city procurement of goods, services and works, and an ordinance that would amend the process for filling vacancies in the position of Police Ombudsperson.

(To read the full text of the resolution regarding funds for the Centennial Trail Mission Gap Bridge, click here)

Council recap

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