Tuesday Council Recap 8/18/15: Cell Towers and Ice Skating

Last night all Councilmembers were present and all actions were unanimous. We had one emergency ordinance regarding the extension of the Cell Tower Moratorium. We are making good progress on an improved ordinance that balances aesthetic concerns with connectivity, but we still need a bit more time. We will likely wrap this up early in the fall. We also made a few additions to the Planning Commission work-plan which included a review of the Cell Tower Ordinance.

Other actions included a change to minor architect and engineering contracts, a change to landscaping requirements, direction to the salary commission as a result of the recent public vote, a street vacation on a portion of Calispel street, and a change to solid waste statutes regarding tires.

One thing that was added to our agenda late was approval for $300K of lodging tax money for a bid for another major ice skating event, the inaugural Figure Skating Team Challenge Cup, which would be an international event. This also passed unanimously.

Council recap

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