Council AM Recap 8/25/15: Residential Fire Sprinklers and Fire Department Hire Aheads

At last nights council meeting, every agenda item passed unanimously except for one: Councilmember Allen brought forward a resolution stating that the City of Spokane will not require new single family-residential properties or townhomes to have fire supression systems (fire sprinklers) installed. The State Building Code Council adopted a provision in 2008 that would have required statewide adoption of this requirement, but amended the code in 2009 to give local jursidictions the option of approving the requirement. The resolution was passed on a 6-1 vote, with Councilmember Mumm voting against.

The Council voted unanimously to approve an Emergency Budget Ordinance (EBO) that will be used to fund 12 hire ahead positions in the Fire Department. This is a much needed step in the right direction after the cuts that took effect in 2013 due to the Mayor’s budget; cuts which I opposed. We also unanimously approved a settlement relating to an incident that occurred on or about March 25, 2015, a resolution authorizing a state revolving fund loan to assist Hideaway Mobile Home Park in connecting to city water following a failing water well, a vacation of un-named right-of-way approximately 650 feet north of 8108 West Sunset Highway, and a vacation of Syndicate Blvd. from the west line of vacated Ferrall Street to the west line of Sycamore Street.

Finally, the Council unanimously approved deferring a draft sick and safe leave policy until the meeting of January 11, 2016; after we are finished with the 2016 Budget cycle. You can read the ordinance here.

Council recap

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