Macklemore, Spokane and Downtown

In July of this year, streets of downtown Spokane were closed off with signs that suggested something was being filmed here. At first we weren’t sure what it was; then news came out that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were filming something. Fastforward two weeks later, and we finally got to see what they were doing: shooting their music video for their new song “Downtown.” If you haven’t seen this video by now, check it out and see how many locations you can name. There’s also a great photo slideshow that went up on Vanity Fairs website by Seattle based photographer Zoe Rain that you can look at here.

With over 15 million views since its release two weeks ago, the video is showing parts of our great city to tons of people across the globe who have yet to experience what downtown Spokane is like. Let’s hope it inspires some of them to come and see what more our city has to offer. Thanks to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for coming to Spokane to film this!


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