Tuesday AM Council Recap 9/29/15: Labor Standards and Fagan Ethics Complaint

In an unusual night every vote except one was a split vote. The Council started off with a vote on a Spokane Investment Pool self-loan for the fleet department which will save us money by pushing forward upgrades for equipment in regards to the Nelson Service Center now, instead of waiting for a few years. In a low interest rate environment this makes sense instead of using reserves. The vote was 4-3 with Stratton, Fagan, and Allen voting against.

We were set to vote on an action to sell some surplus houses that were purchased with federal funds, but the Council voted 6-1 to defer for a week. I was the lone vote against as I saw no reason to delay this. There was also a split vote on a labor standards ordinance that would make easier for the City to avoid contractors who have violated labor law in other states. This passed 6-1. Councilmember Fagan, who has been a reliable vote against actions that support labor or working families, was the lone vote against.

As you may have heard I have brought forward an ethics complaint against Councilmember Fagan for revealing some of the contents of a confidential legal opinion regarding a recent anti-immigrant initiative. The Ethics Committee requested a viewing of the confidential document in order to process the complaint, which meant the Council had to vote to allow them to view it. This passed 5-1, with Councilmember Fagan voting against and me abstaining (for the first time ever) because I made the complaint. You can see the full complaint linked here.

The only unanimous action last night was the passage of the fee structure for the short term rental ordinance.

Council recap

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