Council AM Recap 10/13/15: A Better Water Plan & Opposing Tim Eyman

At last night’s council meeting, we adopted updates to the City’s Comprehensive Water System Plan on a vote of 5-1 (with Councilmember Fagan voting against). I worked on this issue with Councilmember Mumm, Councilmember Waldref and staff for the last year to ensure that the plan was a significant improvement over our current 6-year plan, and includes a stronger framework for conservation of water and ways to address water system loss that results in billions of gallons lost every year due to aging infrastructure. Conservation efforts and proactive system loss measures are critical to the health of the Spokane River and the Spokane-Kootenai County Aquifer. Everyone who contributed to the H2KNOW campaign played a huge rule in this improved plan as well. You can read more about H2KNOW here. This plan is a great start but we still how much work to, especially since we are looking at the possibility of two years in a row of drought in our area. The Water Plan will now be submitted to the Washington Department of Health and will be adopted pending their review.

The Council also voted in favor of a resolution declaring opposition to Tim Eyman’s Initiative 1366 (Councilmember Fagan abstained; as he and his family members have received thousands of dollars from the initiative campaign). If approved, the Initiative would cut the sales tax from 6.5% to 5.5%, resulting in the loss of over $8 billion in revenue over the next six years, unless, by April of 2016, the Washington State Legislature approves a constitutional amendment to require a two-thirds vote to raise revenue. I-1366 would prevent changes to our state’s regressive tax system and lead to a significant loss of revenue that the State, Cities and Counties rely on to provide essential services to our citizens. It’s just another example of how, Tim Eyman—again accused of corruption—works to protect the very wealthy from paying their share at the expense of everyone else.

Two items passed unanimously at last night’s council meeting: a resolution of intent to establish a Hillyard Parking and Business Improvement Area and a resolution implementing said Parking and Business Improvement Area. A similar action for the East Sprague Targeted Investment Area.

Council recap

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