Council AM Recap 11/17/15: KXLY Development and Veto Override

Councilmember Snyder with his Mom and Al Roker during his visit in Spokane.

Councilmember Snyder with his Mom and Al Roker during his visit in Spokane.

At last night’s council meeting, we had four items up for a vote and one council vote that was not on the agenda. These included an emergency contract with Owen Equipment to repair a hose reel assembly on a Vactor Truck in our fleet services department, a resolution setting the assessment roll hearing for the Downtown Parking and Business Improvement Area on December 14, 2015 and an ordinance that made slight changes to the make-up of the Parking Advisory Committee, which provides recommendations on the spending of parking meter revenue funds in the downtown core area. These three items passed unanimously.

Also passing unanimously was a sale agreement of city owned surplus property near the southwest corner of South Regal and the Palouse Highway. This property is desired by KXLY to develop their property south of the South Complex. In order to complete the sale the Park Board must approve an easement on their property and the Planning Commission and the City Council must approve a Comprehensive Plan Amendment to allow KXLY’s property to be re-zoned for commercial use. This is a multi-step process that requires coordination with the Southgate Neighborhood Council and will take a year to work out before the Comp Plan vote happens in October 2016. If all the steps aren’t completed successfully the sale agreement will fall through. The Council has specified that $300k of the sale proceeds be used to implement the Southgate Neighborhood Council’s connectivity plan. This was negotiated by Council President Stuckart. The Southgate Neighborhood Council has worked very hard to see that this development does not result in the sub-standard build out we have seen on previous Southgate developments. I’m hopeful we can get a good result from this process.

The only item that was not unanimous was a vote to override Mayor Condon’s veto of the mobile/manufactured home park comprehensive plan amendment. The Council passed this amendment on a 5-2 vote on November 2. The text amendment only adds language to our comprehensive plan that would enable us to designate appropriate areas for the preservation of mobile and manufactured home parks at a later date, after extensive public input. No zoning changes will result from this text amendment. The importance of this amendment is that it signals that the City of Spokane recognizes mobile and manufactured home parks as a source of affordable housing in our city. The Mayor vetoed the amendment Monday morning.

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