Police Leadership Advisory Committee Forums and Input


A few weeks ago, the Mayor formed the Police Leadership Advisory Committee, which is tasked with leading a conversation about what the community is looking for in its next police chief and provide input about what a culture audit of the Spokane Police Division should consider. The committee will be tasked with three primary objectives related to the police chief search:

  • Review and make suggestions to the current police chief job description
  • Identify the attributes the community is seeking in the next police chief
  • Recommend the hiring and selection process that should be used

To help guide us in this process, we have been conducting public outreach. Today, we have two public forums scheduled for that purpose:

  1. Police Leadership Advisory Committee Forum at noon at West Central Community Center (1603 North Belt Street).
  2. Police Leadership Advisory Committee Forum at 5pm at East Central Community Center (500 S. Stone Street).

All members of the public are welcome to attend and provide their input. If you cannot make it to these forums, we are also accepting input via email and phone at the address and number below.

Email: policechiefsearch@spokanecity.org
Phone: 509-625-6281


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