Council Recap 1/5/2016: Independent Investigator Contract and Open Forum Changes

Two items on our agenda last night were not passed unanimously. The first item was a contract to hire an outside an investigator to inquire about the handling of the Cotton-Straub incident. A group convened by the Council and the Administration accepted applications for an investigator and agreed upon hiring former federal prosecutor Kris Cappel with the Seattle-based Seabold Group. Councilmember Fagan was the only vote against the contract. The second item was a change to the Council rules brought forward by Council President Stuckart that limits the amount of times someone can speak at open forum to once a month. I supported this change for two reasons: First, because I’m hopeful it will provide others a chance to speak at open forum who may not feel comfortable doing so given the dynamics of open forum in the past, and second, because it only limits the amount of time a citizen gets to speak on television, not the amount of time or various avenues they have to contact their councilmembers directly. The change to the rules passed on a 5-2 vote, with Councilmembers Fagan and Stratton voting against.

We also took action on three items relating to street vacations last night. We unanimously voted to amend an ordinance relating to the vacation of Carlisle Avenue in the Logan Neighborhood, amended an ordinance vacating a portion of Marietta Avenue in the Logan Neighborhood and amended an ordinance vacating Buckeye Avenue from Standard St. to Dakota St.; also in the Logan Neighborhood.

At next week’s meeting, Council will be considering an ordinance for a citywide earned sick and safe policy. To learn more about what is included in the current ordinance, click here.

Council recap

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