Upcoming Events: August 23rd-30th

Good news: The City Of Spokane was recognized for its planning work to lessen its impact on climate change and encourage sustainable practices. The city received a 2010 American Planning Association (APA) and Planning Association Of Washington (PAW) Joint Planning award for its greenhouse gas inventory reports and Sustainability Action Plan. This award will be featured by PAW in the Western Planner Journal and APA Washington in the Washington Planner.

The City has done a great job to become more sustainable in recent years. Couple items we’re currently working on:

* Promoting the use of alternative transportation options and complete streets.
* Using re-refined motor oil and adding all-electric vehicles for the City fleet.
* Adding community gardens throughout the City.
* Finding new uses for recycled products, including using recycled glass in street projects.
* Encouraging people to conserve water and offering rebates for making good water choices.
* Adding educational materials at City Hall and our libraries.
*Implementing the latest in technology to save energy, including a new program that turns off our computers when they’re not in use.
* Accepting food scraps in our yard waste carts for composting in the middle of July. For more information about Spokane’s sustainability efforts or to read the greenhouse gas inventory reports, visit GreenSpokane.org.

It’s a light week for events and there are no Neighborhood Council meetings.

-August 23rd Monday 4:00pm City Council Legislative Meeting, City Council Chambers, Lower Level, City Hall, 808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (Note earlier meeting time.)

-August 24th Tuesday 6:30pm Children Investment Fund Assembly Carpenters Hall 127 E. Augusta.

-August 25th Wednesday 12:00pm East Sprague Business Alliance Meeting, Strong Solutions, 1718 East Sprague Ave.

-August 26th Thursday 3:00-7:00pm Thursday Market, The Shop 924 S. Perry

-August 26th Thursday 3:30pm City Council Study Session, City Council Chambers, Lower Level, City Hall, 808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd.

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