Tuesday AM Council recap 3/25/13

The Council meeting for last evening was one of our Town Hall meetings. For those who might not know, a Town Hall meeting takes a different format than our usual sessions because a majority of the meeting is for neighborhoods to update us Council members on what’s going on in their area. This one took place in the lovely East Central Community Center. I would like to thank them for their hospitality and kindness in hosting the Town Hall.

A few things stuck about the reports from various representatives of the neighborhood councils last night. First off, they were all concerned about issues dealing with traffic calming. I have been hard at work since I was elected into office 3 years ago to ensure our City makes our streets safe for everyone. Second, several neighborhood Council representatives expressed concern about the Spokane County Commissioners decision to expand the Urban Growth Area. In their presentations, they noted that there is plenty of vacant land available for development within these neighborhoods already. Finally, Teresa from Southgate alerted Council to the fact that a developer working to build a big box Target store in the neighborhood may have violated the development agreement. Council member Mike Allen and I both expressed concern about the issue and will follow up to see what the status is of the developers agreement.


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