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Nude – Ralph Gibson

ISBN: 9783836511896
AUTOR: Fischl, Eric

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Limited to 1,000 copies, each numbered and signed by the photographer. A decade after his first TASCHEN book, Deux ex Machina, Ralph Gibson is back, with an extensive collection of nudes, including his best recent work as well as an interview by Eric Fischl. Strikingly contrasted and meticulously composed, Gibsons photographs pay tribute to some of the mediums greatest practitioners, such as Man Ray and Edward Weston, while venturing into uncharted waters. Says Gibson: A photographer once said that beauty in women is endless. Perhaps it was I who said it. In fact, I remember distinctly having done soand the thought persists to this day. We stare in the psychological mirror of the human body with a fascination that endures indefinitely. At least art history indicated this to be so. The Willendorf Venus is said to date from 25,000 BCthat is a old enough for me to believe in the subject. I love photographing women and could say that the form of the female body is absolute and perfect.

... with erotic and mysterious undertones, building narrative meaning through contextualization and surreal juxtaposition ... Ralph Gibson. Nude — ФотоДепартамент онлайн-магазин ... . Photo Books. Black And White Photography. Ralph Gibson. Robert Frank. William Eggleston. Vivian Maier. Great Photographers. Ralph Gibson. Larry Clark. Robert Frank. Nude, Eric Fischl, Ralph Gibson, Taschen. Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en 1 jour ou Sensuelle et légèrement irréelle, les photographies de nus de Ralph Gibson cadrent le corps... Ralph Gibson, Eric Fischl. This title presents endless beauty of the female form. Presented in a custom slipcase a ... Ralph Gibson - Wikipedia ... ... Ralph Gibson, Eric Fischl. This title presents endless beauty of the female form. Presented in a custom slipcase and limited to 100 copies, each numbered and signed by the photographer... Photography/Ralph Gibson. 'Striped Nude' was shot in 1981. Photography/Ralph Gibson. From the 1975 series 'Quadrants'—Ralph views the subject to be secondary as he perceives and frames the... Il maestro della fotografia Ralph Gibson torna con una splendida raccolta di fotografie di nudo, affiancando ai suoi lavori più recenti un'accurata intervista a cura di Eric Fischl. Nude. Ralph Gibson. Ralph Gibson Master photographer Ralph Gibson returns with an exquisite collection of nudes, combining the best of his work with an in-depth interview by Eric Fischl. Sensual and softly surreal, the nude photography of Ralph Gibson frames the female form both Reviving TASCHEN's sold-out Collector's Edition, this tribute gathers the best of Gibson's exquisite......