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Picnic Playground Putumayo

ISBN: 9781587592379

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Pack the world in your picnic basket with this collection of delicious songs. 1 Jay Mankita • Eat Like a Rainbow • (USA) 2 Pascal Parisot • Mes Parents Sont Bio • (France) 3 Jose Conde y Ola Fresca • Bolitas de Arroz con Pollo • (USA/Cuba) 4 Asheba • Ice Cream • (Trinidad) 5 Franck Monnet • Goutez-les • (France) 6 Safari • Peberpelikan • (Denmark) 7 Kheswa • Beautiful Day • (South Africa) 8 Rhythm Child • Bowl of Cherries • (USA) 9 Bomba • Pomodoro • (Australia) 10 Johnny Bregar • Shoo Fly Pie • (USA) 11 Maggie G • Let’s Bake Cookies • (Canada) 12 Donikkl • Milch • (Germany) Music, food and good times just seem to go together. Putumayo Kids celebrates the joys of eating with a brand new, globe-trotting CD from their award-winning children’s Playground series. Released just in time to enhance summer get-togethers, Picnic Playground serves up a colorful basket full of tasty musical treats. Picnic Playground provides a veritable feast of international songs about food, cooking and healthy eating in a global gumbo of musical styles and languages. American artist Jay Mankita’s opening song “Eat Like a Rainbow” sets the tone for the album, and the delectable songs that follow from Australia, Cuba, Denmark, France, Germany, Canada and Trinidad add to the exuberant musical smörgasbord. These fun, upbeat songs will help get kids moving and dancing to the rhythms. The artists on Picnic Playground sing so joyously about delicious food that you can almost taste it. Try Jose Conde’s wonderful “Bolitas de Arroz con Pollo,” chomp your way through Rhythm Child’s “Bowl of Cherries” and taste the tropical flavors of Asheba’s Caribbean “Ice Cream.” Before you go, finish off the picnic with milk and cookies, courtesy of Donikkl’s song “Milch” and Maggie G’s “Let’s Bake Cookies”. “International food and music provide a great introduction to other cultures,” says Dan Storper, CEO of Putumayo World Music, who travels the world discovering new artists and sampling international foods. “My 4-year-old son’s face lit up when I played these songs for him and my wife loves trying out recipes I discover during my travels.” Picnic Playground includes liner notes in three languages, English, French and Spanish, a child-friendly overview of the foods mentioned in the songs, as well as two recipes showing how to Eat Like A Rainbow by child nutritionist Barbara Storper, Founder of FoodPlay Productions. For fun snacks and recipes to download, visit

...c Playground 4CD 3... Putumayo kids world playground ... Picnic Playground, Putumayo World Music, 2009. | Semantic Scholar ... . Putumayo Kids_World Playground - Fatou yo. Cuban Playground by Putumayo Kids Presents, released 25 April 2017 1. El Bodeguero 2. Tumbando Mangos 3. El Empanadillero 4. Pico y Pala 5. El Buey Cansao 6. Rima Caribena 7. Elefante en Hotel... Puteți găsi jocul Picnic Cuvânt pe piețele Google Play și Apple Store. Vă rugăm să sprijiniți jocurile APNAX ca dezvoltator de jocuri Picnic Cuvânt după acțiune și să ratați jocul cu lista de prieteni, mai... Putumayo Kids. Music For Kids Presents For Kids ... Picnic Playgound Music Review ... ... Putumayo Kids. Music For Kids Presents For Kids Kids Playground Kids Picnic Kids House World Music Childrens Music Family Friendly Event Nursery Rhymes. Listen to "Picnic Playground," by Putumayo. "Picnic Playground" by Putumayo. Credit: Courtesy of Putumayo World Music. Пожаловаться. To go to a picnic и to go on a picnic....