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Northanger Abbey

ISBN: 9781853260438
AUTOR: Austen, Jane

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Introduction and Notes by David Blair, University of Kent. Northanger Abbey tells the story of a young girl, Catherine Morland who leaves her sheltered, rural home to enter the busy, sophisticated world of Bath in the late 1790s. Austen observes with insight and humour the interaction between Catherine and the various characters whom she meets there, and tracks her growing understanding of the world about her. In this, her first full-length novel, Austen also fixes her sharp, ironic gaze on other kinds of contemporary novel, especially the Gothic school made famous by Ann Radcliffe. Catherine’s reading becomes intertwined with her social and romantic adventures, adding to the uncertainties and embarrassments she must undergo before finding happiness.

...лд, Сильвестра ЛеТузель и др ... Смотреть Нортенгерское аббатство Northanger Abbey... ... . Экранизация романа Джейн Остин. Будучи на курорте Кэтрин Морленд знакомится Генри Тилни... Title: Northanger Abbey. Author: Jane Austen. Release Date: April, 1994 [eBook #121] [Most recently updated *** start of the project gutenberg ebook northanger abbey ***. Northanger Abbey was Jane Austen's first novel and was written between 1798 and 1803. The novel is a coming of age tale, focusing on th ... Нортенгерское аббатство /1987/480р - смотреть видео онлайн... ... . The novel is a coming of age tale, focusing on the comedic adventures of a sheltered seventeen-year-old girl who... Northanger Abbey is a novel by Jane Austen that was first published in 1817. Read our full plot summary and analysis of Northanger Abbey, scene by scene break-downs, and more. Northanger Abbey is Austen's satire, and she pokes fun at gothic horror books by having her heroine, Catherine, believe she's essentially in one. And so much good comes out of this. Драма, мелодрама, сша. Режиссер: Джон Джонс. В ролях: Фелисити Джонс, Джей Джей Филд, Кэри Маллиган и др. Доч...