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Croatia; Goldstein

ISBN: 9781850655251
AUTOR: Goldstein, Ivo

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When the Roman Empire split in the 4th century AD into the Western and Eastern empires, the boundary between the two stretched from the Montenegrin coast up the river Drina to the confluence of the Slava and the Danube and then further north. This boundary has remained virtually unchanged for 1500 years: the European, Catholic west and the Orthodox east meet on Slav territory. With Croatia having become an independent state in the 1990s, this text traces the history of the region and its people. It is divided into major sections on: the early medieval Croatian state (until 1101); the periods of union with Hungary (1102-1526) and with Austria (1526-1918); incorporation in Yugoslavia (1918-91); and the creation of a sovereign state.

...storian, he too appears in the media frequently ... Literature - Book Reviews - Ivo Goldstein: Croatia: A ... ... . September 9, 2014. Slavko Goldstein. I n 1941, genocide broke out in Croatia and Bosnia, and we still cannot explain why. During the spring of that year, Croatian fascists—the Ustasha—burst ... As part of the process of translation, Goldstein had to research the sisters' birthplace in present-day Croatia. "I didn't know anything about Fiume or about its relationship to the Austria ... Goldstein, an 88-year-old Holocaust survivo ... Ivo Goldstein - Wikipedia ... ... Goldstein, an 88-year-old Holocaust survivor, recently published a book called Tragedy, Mythomania, Truth - Jasenovac, in which he argued against claims made by Croatian historians Vladimir Horvat,... Profesor Goldstein podsjetio je na podatke koje je iznio u svojoj, za srpskog ministra "neprihvatljivoj" knjizi. "Posve je logično da Jasenovac predstavlja srpsku traumu, jer od trenutno 83.145 poimenično popisanih žrtava na popisu Spomen-područja Javne ustanove Jasenovac, njih 47.627 srpske su nacionalnosti. Croatian historian Ivo Goldstein said those who attend Thompson's concerts do not necessarily view themselves as right-wing. "Thompson has outgrown his position as a carrier of 'hot ... Croatian writer Zvonimir Despot says Ivo Goldstein revives the communist myth to stir up hatred and division. The book historian Ivo Goldstein, "Jews in Zagreb 1918th to 1941st '," shows how the interwar period the Jewish community was the golden age - when the Jews built the modern Zagreb. Croatia.1 Nevertheless, numerous Jewish organisations - humanitarian, cultural, recrea-tional, and youth - were established.2 One of the most significant events that symbolised the prominent role Jews maintained in Croatian society was the erection of the synago-gue in 1867 in central Zagreb (Goldstein, 2001). In the second half of the 19th ......