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Tangram aktuell 2 KB+AB Lek 1-4

ISBN: 9783190018161

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Tangram currently has the updated output of the Tangram and is directly based on the reference frame provided. The German-language teaching process as a member of the Foreign Ministry is guided by the tests Start Deutsch 1 and Start Deutsch 2 as well as the Certificate Deutsch hin. Zielgrouppe: Erwachsene und Jugendliche ab 16 Jahren in allen Grundstufenkursen (A1-B1) weltweit Lernziel: Tangram is currently running on levels A1, A2 and B1 and has been used for testing (Start Deutsch 1 and 2 or Zertifikat Deutsch) before. Learning with tangram is currently in place, the German language is active and creative. Thanks to the significant goals of the European Reference Framework: communicative competence and fluency. Construction: Tangram is currently a teaching tool in six parts. The workbook and the CD for the workbook are integrated in the course book. Core band prepared material for approx. 50-80 teaching units. Special for the certification processing is based on the Tangram Z with material for 80-120 teaching units. Conception: The accepted concept in the course book is maintained: Authentic Hear- and Lesetexte orientations are oriented to the most popular all-day language and create a creative outreach with the content of the content. Von Beginn an werd gezielt Strategien zu allen Fertigkeiten (Hören, Lesen, Sprechen, Schreiben) vermittelt. New grammatical phenomena are followed by the principle of self-explanatory self-study: The lessons are given, spoken structures to reflect and express themselves. The phonetic competence of the lessons will be imitated, cognitive and communicative. Lieder, Raps and Reime train outings and intonation on creative play. The workbook is presented with a new concept: The broad spectrum of structure and word conversions is also communicatively creative. Tests and self-evaluation following the Cannes descriptions of the reference frame make a regular and self-monitoring control of learning criteria possible. At the lesson, you will find an overview of the lesson plan for a vocabulary training. The clear and overt grammatical layout in Tangram is currently possible to teach a wonderful orientation about the well-known fabric.

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