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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Rehabilitation 2nd ed

ISBN: 9780199550524
AUTOR: Barnes, Michael

svi Barnes, Michael knjige koje čitate i preuzimate od nas


Rehabilitation medicine is a new and growing specialty. Rehabilitation services are now available in most UK hospitals and rehabilitation has an increasing presence in the community. There is a strong evidence base for the efficacy of rehabilitation and there is no doubt that an active interdisciplinary rehabilitation program produces real functional benefits for the person with disabilities and their family. The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Rehabilitationsecond edition, outlines the basic principles of rehabilitation and the key factors that are required for a high quality rehabilitation service. The increasingly important area of ​​technical aids and assistive technology is covered, as well as physical problems. The book outlines the management of cognitive, behavioral and emotional problems, and the rehabilitation needs of people with specific disorders. A new chapter on musculoskeletal pain in common rheumatological conditions has also been included. The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Rehabilitationsecond edition is a comprehensive text that not only summarizes the management of common symptons and disorders, but also outlines the increasingly evidence base for the efficacy of these techniques. This new edition has been fully revised to appeal to the whole rehabilitation team, including junior doctors training in rehabilitation and associated specialties, senior therapists, psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, GPs, primary care teams, and intermediate care teams.

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