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Mountain Bike Maintenance and Repair

ISBN: 1856880397
AUTOR: Stevenson, John

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Whether readers are experienced or beginner mountain bikers, knowing how to keep their bike in peak condition is essential for enjoyment of the sport. Being able to recognise the early warning signs of trouble–and knowing what to do about them–means less time and money wasted getting a bike fixed and more time out on the trail. With color photographs throughout, this practical manual includes illustrated, step-by-step guides to repairing and maintaining every single part of a bike. It also includes advice on tools and workshop setup, how to avoid problems in the first place, and how to carry out emergency on-the-trail repairs. This is the essential companion handbook for any mountain biker.

...enance and Repair Guide - Step by Step Maintaining your bike in good working order is as easy as 1-2-3 ... Bike Repair | Bicycling ... . Follow these easy steps to keep you bike well maintained and avoid breakdowns. 1. Bike wipe & check - after a ride - about every 50km Front Shock - Wipe stanchions and ensure dust seals are clean and oil free Keep your bike in great shape with our checklist of mountain bike maintenance essentials.Subscribe to GMBN: you ride your mountain... The best way is to perform re ... Mountain Bike Maintenance and Repair Guide - MTBOnline ... .Subscribe to GMBN: you ride your mountain... The best way is to perform regular mountain bike maintenance. Dirt and grime corrode both the frame and the components. Your frame needs to be cleaned regularly, and the components require cleaning and servicing as well. Failing to grease and clean components can result in a noisy ride at best. At worst, parts will break or fail. Securing Bike Bolts. Bicycles are held together by dozens of nuts and bolts. Maintaining a "tight ship" is important because loose (or improperly tightened) bike parts can lead to serious wear and tear, cause poor performance and create a sa...