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Reflexology for Women

ISBN: 9781856752282
AUTOR: Gillanders, Ann

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Reflexology is one of the most popular alternative health therapies around today and you can treat every aspect of your life with this gentle, healing therapy, no matter what your age. The book is divided into four sections according to age. The second chapter deals with problems such as stress, pre-menstrual tension and migraines, which effect women of any age. Chapter 3 is aimed at younger women and includes advice for treating period pains and acne while chapter 6 teaches you to use reflexology later in life for relief from joint pains, arthritis and angina. The middle chapters explore how reflexology can be used before you conceive and during pregnancy.

...reflexologists given over a period of 19 weeks ... Reflexology Massage During Pregnancy: Is It Safe? ... . Reflexology For Women book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. This book is aimed specifically at women and shows how to get relief from problems such as acne, period pain... Reflexology provides pregnant women with an alternative choice (together with other holistic measures such as breathing techniques, self-hypnosis or aromatherapy) to help them cope better... Is Reflexology Safe for Pregnant Women? |. ... Reflexology for Women's Health ... ... Is Reflexology Safe for Pregnant Women? |. Reflexology. Reflexology - is it good when trying to conceive? #VFWEBINARSПодробнее. Is Reflexology Safe During Pregnancy... Facial Reflexology Tools Include 4 Pieces Acupoint Probe Acupuncture Pens,1 Gua Sha Stone Massage Tool, Doube Headed Spring Loaded Ear and Body Point Probe Stimulator for Facial... Chapter 2: Reflexology for women of every age. Chapter 3: Reflexology during the teenage years. Reproductive Reflexology. Infertility, sub-fertility and delayed conception are increasingly common We asked Barbara Scott, reflexologist and author of the book Reflexology for Fertility, a guide to... Reflexology is an ancient healing art backed by modern research that you can learn how to perform in the comfort of your own home. Reflexology involves applying pressure to specific places on your feet......