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Go Surf

ISBN: 9781405318228
AUTOR: Baker, Tim

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This book provides the fast track to great surfing. Read it, watch it, do it with this innovative book and 30-minute DVD for anyone itching to get up off the sofa and go! Clear step-by-step coaching and inspirational photography in the book will get you started or improve your skills. Then, master techniques with your own virtual coach – from the take-off to the barrel, the 30-minute DVD uses 360-degree live-action freeze-frame graphics and slow-motion sequences guaranteed to get you ready for the waves in no time. “Go Surf” is an integrated blend of book and DVD, bringing step-by-step photography and detailed, accessible content in the book together with informative, freeze-frame technical guidance and coaching on the DVD. There is a strong emphasis on aspirational footage and photography to encourage and inspire the reader, bound up with clear, authoritative instruction designed as a fast-track into the sport.

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