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Czech Glass 1945-1980

ISBN: 9783897902176
AUTOR: Ricke, Helmut

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Czech glass art began to develop on a high artistic level after 1945. Little is still known about the early works of artists like Ren, Roub!cek, Stanislav Libensky and his wife Jaroslava Brychtov, or V clav Cigler, Pavel Hlava, Vladim!r Kopecky, and Jir! Harcuba. The crucial factor for the high standards of Czech glass design was the excellent training at the glass institutes of Northern Bohemia in Novy Bor, Kamenicky Senov, and Zelezny Brod, but most importantly the severe demands for quality in design inculcated by the Prague Academy upon nearly all the artists who later became successful. The high quality of Czech glass became known in the West during the 1970s. The artists were acknowledged through their exploration of the sculptural potential of glass and creating new works of art. As a result, Czech glass art established itself as the third European powerhouse together with Scandinavia and Murano. Since the 1980s, it has been the undisputed leader in European glass art. Czech Glass 1945-198

...assware Czech Republic 20th century Exhibitions ... CURRENTS: EXHIBITIONS; Light and Form, Captured In Fragile Art ... . Published on the occasion of the exhibition "Aufbruch. Tschechisches Glas 1945-1980" (Czech Glass 1945-1980. 2005-2/433 Helmut Ricke, Czech Glass 1945 - 1980 Design in an Age of Adversity Katalog zur Ausstellungs in Düsseldorf Arnoldsche SG: Leider und merkwürdigerweise werden in dem Buch über Glas aus der Tschechoslowakei von 1945 bis 1980 die gepressten Kunstgläser anerkannter tschechi Czech Glass 1945-1980: Design In An Age of Adversity, edited by Helmut Ricke, Arnoldsche, 2005. Bohemian Glass, by Frantisek Arnost, Olga Dra ... Czech Glass 1945-1980: Design in an Age of Adversity: Helmut Ricke... ... . Bohemian Glass, by Frantisek Arnost, Olga Drahatova and Antonin Langhamer, Crystalex, 1985. Czech Glass 1945-1980 is the first comprehensive record of Czech glass art. All 350 objects by 36 artists are reproduced in brilliant colour illustrations and discussed in detail. Also includes informed contributions by international authors...