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Ashes in Focus, The

ISBN: 0713677457
AUTOR: Patrick, Eagar

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The 2005 Ashes has been widely acknowledged as the Greatest Ever Series – England winning for the first time in 18 years. Wisden: Ashes in Focus records the drama and tension of all five Tests. It unites the unchallenged authority of Wisden and the acclaimed camerawork of Patrick Eagar, for 30 years the world’s leading cricket photographer. A foreword by Richie Benaud completes the cast of cricket’s most respected names. Wisden: Ashes in Focus tells the story of an extraordinary summer of cricket in pictures. From the first ball at Lord’s to the celebrations in Trafalgar Square, it is packed with hundreds of full-colour photographs, and captures the epic struggle between England and Australia (the world’s two strongest sides) to claim the historic Ashes urn. It’s all here – the characters, the sportsmanship, the match-winners, the defining moments and the unforgettable celebrations.

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