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What Great Paintings Say, Beautiful Nudes Basic AB

ISBN: 9783836569736
AUTOR: Hagen, Rainer & Rose-Marie

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It might seem like the sitters and subjects of art history’s greatest nude paintings have little left to show, but don’t be fooled: there is more than meets the eye in these naked masterworks. Rose-Marie and Rainer Hagen guide us into the secrets of the flesh, coupling extended discussions with crisp, enlarged details of 12 iconic works from the canon of art history. Biblical tales of morality or modern portrayals of leisure, works such as Tintoretto’s Susanna and the Elders or Manet’s The Luncheon on the Grass offer diverse visions of natural beauty. Each artwork is presented in reproductions of the highest quality, sourced directly from the original, located in collections of the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Uffizi, and many others. From works depicting ultimate feminine grace, like Velázquez’s Rokeby Venus, to Hans Baldung’s mesmerizing image of the body’s decline in The Three Ages of Man and Death, these paintings are unified in their masterful rendering of the bare human form—both in life and beyond. Through this exploration into the covert secrets of nude works, they cease to be two-dimensional and come to full hot-blooded life. The authors Rose-Marie Hagen was born in Switzerland and studied history, Romance languages, and literature in Lausanne. After further studies in Paris and Florence, she lectured at the American University in Washington, D.C. Rainer Hagen was born in Hamburg and graduated in literature and theater studies in Munich. He later worked for radio and TV, most recently as chief editor of a German public broadcasting service. Together they have collaborated on several TASCHEN titles, including Masterpieces in Detail, Pieter Bruegel, and Francisco de Goya.

... … poor. 9. David is … old friend of mine ... What Great Paintings Say by Rose-Marie Hagen ... . He plays … guitar perfectly. Серия Basic Art Series. От этого же автора. What Great Paintings Say. Beautiful Nudes. What Great Paintings Say has the answers to these and many other burning questions asked about the most important and famous paintings of all time. A beautiful book. Very interestingly written articles on 100 paintings which provide a detailed context in which they were painted - what is the... As rightly said in the words of Jerzy Kos ... What Great Paintings Say: Beautiful Nudes (Basic Art Series)... ... ... As rightly said in the words of Jerzy Kosinski, the painting is what catches the eye of the viewer and also tells a story behind portraying the emotions of the artist and evokes him to action. This painting is a true example of wealthiness, the beautiful impression of strokes and also an amazing art style. Most Beautiful and Expensive Paintings. To blow you off the ground, we have gone through the great detail to find some of the best art work that has ever been produced. The beautiful painting with a deep meaning and desire to achieve is currently on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. I'm a great art lover. I look at beautiful paintings and sculptures and wish I could be artistic. I can't draw or paint to save my life. I wonder why some people are so talented and can create amazing pictures, when other people, like me, can't even draw good matchstick figures. Explore our picks of the most famous paintings of all time from artists such as Jan Van Eyck, Seurat and Edward Hopper. Definitely comfortable in her own skin, this female nude staring unashamedly at the viewer caused quite a stir when it was painted, and even got Goya into hot water with the Spanish... The powerful vocals and great melodies combine with deeply personal introspective lyrics that stay with you long after the songs are over. F: That sounds like a great excuse for laziness! We need to practise a lot if we're going to stand a chance of winning the tournament. Collage Basic visual symbols found in the work, such as lines, shape, form, space, point, light, motion, direction, scale, dimension, texture and color. Composition An art and design principle concerning the arrangement of one or more elements in a work of art so that they appear symmetrical (even)... Some very beautiful paintings and sculptures were created by two men who lived in the same country at the same time. These men were Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Another great sculpture of Michelangelo's is called the Pieta. The Pieta shows Mary, the mother of Jesus, holding the body of... BEAUTIFUL NUDES [Rainer & Rose-Marie Hagen] Rahva R...